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Welcome to the homepage of the Hard SF 3D Group.

Why is there so little realistic, high-quality SF illustration on the Web these days? Airplanes in space, Star Warts, endless variations on the Starship Enterpies... there's lots of that stuff. But realistic art? Or high-quality? Hard to find. Damn hard to find.

That's the need that this group addresses. It's for anyone who's devoted to making high-quality, realistic art. We're mainly focused on 3D rendered images here, but pretty much anything goes as long as it is realistic and strives for quality.

Principles of Design

Here are some things you can do to make your creations more realistic:

Additions to this list are more than welcome!

Resources for 3D

It's hard to know where to get started in 3D SF. Here are some places that might help:

Members' Sites

Recommended Sites

And here are some good sites for general information:

And there are, of course, many, many more. People post cools hard SF 3D links to the list quite frequently; join up and see!

The Rules

Unfortunately, some rules are probably necessary for this group, so here they are:

Linking To This Site

You may want to spread word of this list around the web. If so, please feel free to use this graphic:
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