These are probably the things I'm most proud of. Although they're still pretty amateurishly executed, I've put a lot of thought into these starships. Please treat them with care.

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Docked ship

One of the more artistic sketches I've produced of a starship; this is a rather unlikely combination, though, having both a large cargo capacity and military weapons. Perhaps it's a privateer.

Study in red and gold

A study in red and gold. Also, a starship at dock.

Starship and tugs.

A starship, attended by maintenance tugs.

A tug, going back to work.

Several maintenance tugs go to work on a starship.

Bonaventure from the front

The ISCV Bonaventure viewed from the front.

Bonaventure from the rear

The ISCV Bonaventure viewed from the rear.

Bonaventure with Petit-Terre

The ISCV Bonaventure, flying past Petit-Terre.

A new version of the above shot: the Bonaventure with Petit-Terre in the background.

Habring stateroom

A stateroom aboard the Bonaventure.

Labeled privateer

A labeled view of the Ilya Davidson, a Peregrine-class privateer.

A Peregrine-class privateer under way.

A starship under way

A better shot of a Peregrine-class starship.

Traveller-style scoutship

A Traveller-style scoutship. This is not a Spheres craft.

A missile, firing

A missile firing. Not really a starship per se, but related enough.

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