This point of this page is to collect and enhance resources about transgender issues, specifically East Asian and Chinese resources. Practical, directly-useful resources are my main goal here. This is an area I have some expertise in, so it's something I can be helpful about.

Finally, if this isn't abundantly clear: Everything on this webpage is purely my opinion. If you're looking for treatment, or surgery, or even just thinking about joining a group, check it out first. Don't take my opinion as gospel. Don't take the opinions of any one other person to be fact. Do research. Think critically. Find out for yourself. Sad that I need to say that, but nonetheless true.

The main categories of this page are in the list to the left.

I have a separate page which has info about gender stuff in Minnesota, which is where I live. I also have page of information for transsexuals in Chinese.

As you look at the different sections of this page, remember that few pages fit clearly into one or another category! Look around.

Also Note: Chinese Version available

Chinese version of this page

This page also has a Chinese version that requires a Chinese, Big5 equipped browser to view. If that didn't make any sense, please check what I've written about displaying Chinese with your computer. The information contained there is slightly different from (and also less than) what you'll find on this page. If you speak English but need Chinese gender-related information, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you translate what you need (free if it's for personal use, and you don't mind a somewhat hackneyed translation).

General (But Useful!) Pages

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