Not to say that this page is so great that others would want to see how I possibly did it... This page is mainly to give acknowledgement where it's due. And to recommend some good places for web design.

First, my design philosophy, what there is of it. The goals of these pages are of course to communicate clearly about myself and my interests, and to help others in the process. I want to make these pages easily-accessible even by people without Pentium systems and 64 KB of RAM (my god, you mean people still have lower-speed systems? Let them eat cake!), so I try to keep the bandwidth fairly small, which means a lot of text and few graphics.

In the course of making this stuff, I've used:

How much of that was actually relevant? Probably very little. Am I proud of putting money into the coffers of Microsoft and Intel? Of course not. How did I afford this thing? It was the result of my having been taxed ridiculously much in 2003 year (as are all foreigners who come into Taiwan, even if they've actually been living here for years and just went out for a visa run), then getting most of that tax back as a refund. I could've gotten a computer, a plane ticket back to the States for a quick visit or paid off some of my horrendously-large outstanding college loans. I naturally chose the option which provides the most video games. Maybe one of these years I can start paying off my loans...?

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